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Vedic Tattva's hydrating Face Mist - Rose is composed of distilled rose water and carries mild astringent properties which helps tighten pores. It's lightly-lingering and pure rose aroma has therapeutic qualities that  uplifts one's mood.


Directions: Use it as a toner after washing your face or carry it in your handbag to spray over fatigued or parched skin for instant respite from dry weather.


Ingredients: Pure rose water made from damascus rose using traditional steam distillation process with copper vessel.

Face Mist- Rose

SKU: 0005
  • 100 ml

  • The product is made in small batches, is 100% chemical-free and contains only what can be conscientiously used from nature. It is, moreover, packed in a sustainable wooden box. Our brand, hence, leaves zero ecological footprint in the process.      

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