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Ingredient Commitment


At Vedic Tattva we believe that nature has many hidden gems to look after us internally as well as externally. We need to dig deep into our ancient texts that contain a well-documented usage of natural ingredients.

These time tested skin formulations using natural organic resources are highly nourishing and fully capable of removing toxins. The natural oils and butters penetrate deep into the skin, carrying fatty acids and trace mineral to the skin layers and thereby resulting in healthy, smooth, plump and bright skin.

These products also keep the skin’s acid mantle in balance to provide protection against bacterial and fungal infections.

The essential oils and herbs contained within the products are derived from their natural sources (such as flowers or stems) and they impart fragrance to calm the body, mind and soul. No artificial and synthetic additives are used for this purpose. Some of the very same cold-pressed oils also act as natural preservatives, as long as they are kept away from moisture.

We prepare only on order thus ensuring that our customers reap the maximum benefit out of the freshest of ingredients for an unparalleled experience. Most of these have a shelf life of six months if stored at a temperature of 25 degree centigrade or less.

Why Natural skin Care

As consumers, we are constantly “pulled” to use an array of very promising beauty and personal care products. And Why? Because these products are supposed to make us look beautiful and feel healthy. But what they don’t disclose is a Deep Dark side. Toxic ingredients and hazardous chemicals are being used way beyond acceptable limits in our daily-use personal care products.

Trying to sort out the skin issue of myself and my daughter, I was highly disappointed by the line of treatment of skin doctors. it made me explore the so called herbal skin care products.

Unfortunately, they too turned out to be partners in crime.

After many deliberations and trying out many products,I decided to do my own research and experiments.

After dedicated research , I left my Job and devoted myself to the mission of synthetic chemical free - 100% natural skin care products.

It started with the sole purpose of giving friends and family a beautiful alternative to chemical laden personal products. Their response and results of products encouraged me to start Vedic Tattva.

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