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Consisting of natural bleaching agents such as orange peel,  liquorice, Vedic Tattva's Face Scrub helps brighten one's face. Moreover, pomegranate peels, papaya seeds and nuts—containing essential fatty acids—promote the growth of new skin cells and delay signs of ageing. The gentle and non-abrasive quality of the scrub helps detoxify the skin without ripping off moisture.


Directions: To apply, make a paste by mixing it with either regular water or pure rose water (Vedic Tattva's Face Mist- Rose). For application on dry skin, add either milk or curd to the scrub. Leave it on for 5 minutes (until its semi-dry); gently massage it into the skin before rinsing it with plain water.


Ingredients: Walnut, apricot, oats, seeds of papaya, melon, rose petals, liquorice and orange as well as pomegranate peel powder.

Skin Brightening Face Scrub

SKU: 0007
  • 30 gms

  • The product is made in small batches, is 100% chemical-free and contains only what can be conscientiously used from nature. Our brand, hence, leaves zero ecological footprint in the process.         

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